Reborn as the Phoenix Feathers FC

In the moments before the Calamity, the Archons called upon the Twelve to save Eorzea from Dalamud. However, the attempt was nearly made in vain as the elder primal Bahamut sprang from Dalamud’s clutches.  To save Eorzea from Bahamut’s rage, Louisoix called upon the primal Phoenix to strike at Bahamut’s heart to save Eorzea from further disaster.

And now, at the time of GBN’s closing, we transform ourselves into a new form, the Phoenix Feathers FC.  Born out of the ashes of the Nation, we become reborn and free to pursue our own destiny. We shall continue to forge friendships and explore new experiences no matter what comes our way. Our new motto is, “We may be Down, but we are never out.”

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