TGS earrings are back!

So the Cactuar Lottery 3.0 has been completed, and to no one’s surprise, all realms have earned the Goobbue earring! […]

XIV at Tokyo Game Show 2015

Final Fantasy XIV returns to the Tokyo Game Show!  This year, we’ll be getting a Live Letter featuring the second […]

The Rising – 2015

The second part of the Moonfire Faire will start on Thursday, August 27th to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of […]

FF XIV at PAX Prime 2015

NA Localization lead Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and sound director Masayoshi Soken will be at PAX Prime 2015. They will be […]

Moonfire Faire 2015

Summer comes to Eorzea, which means new bathing suits and fireworks!  Checkout the details on the Moonfire Faire 2015 page.